DigitalSoftware  Solutions for Regional Communities

Regional Digitisation have developed two unique, innovative software platforms for regional communities:

  • eCOMMERCE: Regional Marketplace (designed for regional businesses to easily get online and thrive digitally)

This is the one-stop digital shop for regional communities who need a simple-to-use and cost effective digital solution to promote their local regional products, giving all members a digital shopfront that operates 24/7 and is open to the world. Imagine if every local community can have their own unique DIGITAL Westfield Shopping Centre?

  • SPORTING: Community Sports Hub (maximise existing sporting infrastructure and create via businesses for local coaches and social sporting clubs)

Our unique digital platform completely redesigned for local sporting clubs and specialist expert coaches, with wholesale access to premium/exclusive sporting products. Our platform can generate events (with ticket sales) and is flexible enough to be a digital "general store" for the local community. It is much easier to users to find and book a local coach, or a sporting facility, in your region. They can also buy products, from sporting equipment to local jams and honeys.

Digital Community Sports Hub for Local Communities

AUG 2020: We are excited to announce the launch of our Community Sports Hub digital platform. Working with experienced regional coaches and local communities, we have designed a completely fresh digital platform to cater for the needs of regional sporting coaches and their students.

Built on the same robust Odoo platform that powers our Regional Marketplace technology, the Community Sports Hub platform makes it simple for local coaches to fully automate online booking transactions and payment/invoicing. The platform also enables local coaches to take on the management of local sporting infrastructure (automating the monetization of sporting facilities). We also provide these coaches with additional pathways to generate more revenue through a ready-made wholesale eCommerce business, with direct access to  premium products (at wholesale rates) to augment their services.

Our Community Sports Hub's unique features include:

  • Streamlined Online Booking and Payment for coaching sessions or court hire (one-off and recurring)
  • Purchase specialized, limited-edition or professionals-only sporting gear, through the coach's eCommerce store (coaches get wholesale pricing so can pass on savings or put a small margin on for extra income)
  • Promote and organize local events (with registration and bookings to ensure Covid-compliance at events)
  • Automate customer engagement through marketing tools to better engage with your students and the community

Each coach/social team will have their own mobile-friendly website and eCommerce store, fully customized to their needs. Our solution makes it simple for coaches to run multiple courts and students, so more time on court coaching, zero-time behind the counter doing accounts!

More importantly, we have designed the quickest and most efficient way for regular users to book a suitable time with the coach and to find a court for play or practice. Online payment means safer transactions and zero headaches for all parties.

Talk to Thai or Greg to see how we can help create your new digital coaching business!
Pop Rowe's Tennis School is a taste of what our platform can deliver for you.

Regional Marketplace +
Restaurant/Cafe Online Ordering Solution 

APR 2020: Does self-isolation have to consign us to just fast food or frozen meals? How do we help keep our precious restaurants and cafes afloat and provide local communities with healthy, nutritious meals, especially for those who may be in quarantine?

Regional Digitisation has expanded our Regional Marketplace platform to include a new contact-less online ordering solution for local restaurants and cafes. This is all-new capability and has been designed from the ground up to meet the emerging needs of Covid-compliance and to help transform sit-down restaurants into online kitchens. Our platform enables local restaurants and cafes to quickly transform into online catering businesses (dark kitchens) to support local communities, whilst keeping their businesses going with new physical distancing constraints.

Our solution can be quickly set up for each local business (within a day and at minimal cost) and makes it simple and easy to work digitally. We've designed it so that ANY user can upload a new dish onto their menu within 2 minutes, without requiring expensive professional services! The solution allows local customers to quickly find their favorite local restaurant, select and pay for their meal online (removing the need for cash handling) and helps local restaurants stay in business whilst serving the community.

Talk to us today about getting your local community on board. We want to help as many great restaurants and cafes stay in business during these difficult times. The Covid-19 pandemic shows the need for regional businesses to embrace the digital world as this will be the new "normal".

If you have been thinking about digitizing your business, now is the time to do this in order to protect your business and gear up for the future. There are a number of local government grants to help businesses transition to a more digital world.  

Check out the Regional Marketplace Demo today

Our Regional Marketplace feature several global innovations:

  • Easy-to-use, 24/7 Automated Digital Shopfront for regional businesses (supports both products and services)
  • Designed for B2B/Wholesale, B2C/Retail AND our unique capability for local businesses to offer their products up into the regional marketplace for others to sell/promote
  • Integration with local logistics and other supply chains enable local businesses to access national supply chains
  • Automate customer engagement through marketing tools to better engage with your customers and the community

The digitisation of regional communities is at the very heart of our Regional Marketplace, designed to help local communities build their own Digital Online Trading platforms (designed for both products and services). When you then add our unique Load-Sharing solution (which tackles regional last mile logistics), Regional Digitisation offers one of the most innovative and comprehensive digitisation solution for regional communities.

Talk to Thai, Greg or Stuart today for a demonstration of our unique Regional Marketplace, designed specifically for
B2B, B2C, Tourism & Service Industries and to enable much more Intra-Regional Trade .

Digital Transformation

We are digitally-enabling regional businesses through an integrated business software platform that can be supported locally by regional talent from local Universities.

From a simple web presence through to fully automated eCommerce stores and Digital Wholesale businesses that integrate with multiple warehouses for inventory and logistics... We can create a great omni-channel experience for your customers through direct integration with Point-of-Sale, CRM, Marketing, HR and Accounting functions.

+100 years of Executive IT Management experience at some of Australia's largest technology companies have been distilled into our business DNA. Our skills and experience is being shared with local talent to ensure that regional Australia moves forward into the digital era using the latest world-class technology with the right architecture in place to scale for the future.

Investing in Regional Communities

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and skills by forming strategic partnerships for research and collaboration with Regional Universities to help create highly skilled ICT resources for Regional Australia to ensure that we are ALL fully engaged in the digital economy of tomorrow. Our goal is to help create direct local employment opportunities and enable revenue growth through new channels to market.

As a Social Enterprise, our goal is to return the majority of  benefits directly back into the region and to create an inclusive digital platform that can connect with some of the most vulnerable members in the community.

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