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We are an innovative Digital Technology and e-Commerce Solutions company dedicated to bringing easy-to-use solutions and affordable digitisation services to regional businesses and their communities. We bring world-class digitisation expertise to regional communities in order to bring digitisation to life today, so your business can thrive in the new digital supply chains of the future.

Creating easy-to-use Digital Solutions to accelerate the digitisation of regional businesses and create high value regional ICT jobs for the next generation

We are a partnership of highly experienced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experts with proven track records in fostering enterprise innovation and hands-on digital transformation. Collectively, our leadership team have all been pivotal in the delivery of some the largest Telecommunication, Information Technology & Business Transformation programs in Australia over the past 20 years. We combine our knowledge and experience with regional development, like-minded businesses and universities to collaborateon projects that will foster regional innovation and develop the foundational skills for the next generation of ICT experts in the regions.

Talk to Thai or Greg about our unique and innovative software platforms and digitisation services:

  • Regional Marketplace (innovative eCommerce platform designed for regional businesses to easily get online and thrive)
  • Community Sports Hub (rejuvenate regional sports by digitizing court hire, expert coaching and social engagement)
  • Digital Transformation (from basic eCommerce through to API integration with major Digital Supply Chains)
  • Facilitation of Global Exports (our global partnerships can help you access export markets in EU, USA and Asia)
  • AgriBusiness Innovation (from Renewable Energy to IoT integration... and everything else in between)

Jan 2021: Renewable Community Energy made PROFITABLE!
Regional Digitisation partners with local energy technology companies Karit and Redx to bring their revolutionary technology to regional Australia. We have also secured great commercial terms from BYD for solar panels and battery storage solutions to develop a next-generation renewable energy solution for rural and remote communities. This is not just about installing solar panels on rooftops, but a comprehensive Community Energy solution that features the latest technology, factory-direct prices and services (from engineering design to construction as well as on-going operations and maintenance). We can provide communities with a turn-key energy platform for distributed solar systems that delivers energy surpluses to foster local growth. Our solutions also feature proactive maintenance, enabling the development of local skills for on-going maintenance work, to deliver comprehensive financial returns for regionalcommunities.

Dec 2020: Lakes Entrance Slipway Digital Ecosystem launched
The team worked right through Christmas to release our digital solution right on time for the launch of the rejuvenated Slipway at Lakes Entrance. Please visit to support these great local businesses. This is a yummy  showcase of the best offerings from East Gippsland: creamy diary, boutique beers, fresh seafood and amazing art and music.

It was a pleasure to work with some of the most iconic Gippsland businesses to bring these exciting pop-up stores to life. We are delighted to contribute our digital ecosystem: from Digital Marketing to eCommerce and POS (integrated Click-to-Collect), with Covid-19 contact tracing compliance managed by our crowd management module (crowd tracking at entry and exit points).

Bringing World-Class Digital Technology and Business Transformation capabilities  to Regional Australia
World-class Digital Technology
Enterprise-grade Engineering
Digital Transformation
Enabling Regional Innovation
Bringing Communities together

We focus exclusively on regional Australia and are dedicated to creating the best digital solutions for our customers and their local communities.


Our solutions are built on Odoo (the #1 Open Source eCommerce software platform with over 5 million users world-wide) to create new digital sales channels and regional growth opportunities.

We have chosen to base our solutions around Odoo as it is a fully-featured, richly supported eCommerce and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.

Odoo's innovations are the result of a loyal and innovative developer base. This is a global software platform based in the EU with users right around the world. We are proud to be among other global IT companies to innovate on Odoo.

Selecting the right platform for your business is important (we have done that hard work for you already), but even more important is the people you work with to digitise your business. We are dedicated to investing in regional skills to create sustainable digital careers for the next generation in regional communities. We are doing that by providing our team with direct hands-on experience of both technology and business solutions. We actively transfer our skills and knowledge to the next generation, creating local jobs and fostering innovation and future growth opportunities for regional communities.

Leading eCommerce + ERP Platform
  • #1 Open Source eCommerce platform in the world
  • EU-based Enterprise-Grade software
  • 14 major releases of software, refined over 18 years
  • +5 Million Users Globally

Digital Community Sports Hub for Local Communities

AUG 2020: We are excited to announce the launch of our Community Sports Hub digital platform. Working with experienced regional coaches and local communities, we have designed a completely fresh digital platform to cater for the needs of regional sporting coaches and their students.

Built on the same robust Odoo platform that powers our Regional Marketplace technology, the Community Sports Hub platform makes it simple for local coaches to fully automate online booking transactions and payment/invoicing. The platform also enables local coaches to take on the management of local sporting infrastructure (automating the monetization of sporting facilities). We also provide these coaches with additional pathways to generate more revenue through a ready-made wholesale eCommerce business, with direct access to  premium products (at wholesale rates) to augment their services.

Our Community Sports Hub's unique features include:

  • Streamlined Online Booking and Payment for coaching sessions or court hire (one-off and recurring)
  • Purchase specialized, limited-edition or professionals-only sporting gear, through the coach's eCommerce store (coaches get wholesale pricing so can pass on savings or put a small margin on for extra income)
  • Promote and organize local events (with registration and bookings to ensure Covid-compliance at events)
  • Automate customer engagement through marketing tools to better engage with your students and the community
Regional Marketplace

The core of our business solution revolves around our unique Regional Marketplace, which feature several global innovations designed specifically for local communities:

  • Easy-to-use, 24/7 Automated Digital Shopfront for regional businesses (supports both products and services)
  • Designed for B2B/Wholesale, B2C/Retail AND our unique capability for local businesses to offer their products up into the regional marketplace for others to sell/promote
  • Integration with local logistics and other supply chains enable local businesses to access national supply chains
  • Automate customer engagement through marketing tools to better engage with your customers and the community
  • Innovations in last-mile logistics to deliver significant savings to regional communities.

The digitisation of regional communities is at the very heart of our Regional Marketplace, designed to help local communities build their own Digital Online Trading platforms (designed for both products and services). When you then add our unique Load-Sharing solution (which tackles regional last mile logistics), Regional Digitisation offers one of the most innovative and comprehensive digitisation solution for regional communities.

Talk to Thai or Greg today for a demonstration of our unique Regional Marketplace, designed specifically for B2B, B2C, Tourism & Service Industries and to enable Intra-Regional Trade.


Digital Transformation

We are digitally-enabling regional businesses through an integrated business software platform that can be supported locally by regional talent from local Universities.

From a simple web presence through to fully automated eCommerce stores and Digital Wholesale businesses that integrate with multiple warehouses for inventory and logistics... We can create a great omni-channel experience for your customers through direct integration with Point-of-Sale, CRM, Marketing, HR and Accounting functions.

+100 years of Executive IT Management experience at some of Australia's largest technology companies have been distilled into our business DNA. Our skills and experience is being shared with local talent to ensure that regional Australia moves forward into the digital era using the latest world-class technology with the right architecture in place to scale for the future.

Investing in Regional Communities

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and skills by forming strategic partnerships for research and collaboration with Regional Universities to help create highly skilled ICT resources for Regional Australia to ensure that we are ALL fully engaged in the digital economy of tomorrow. Our goal is to help create direct local employment opportunities and enable revenue growth through new channels to market.

As a Social Enterprise, our goal is to return the majority of savings and revenue benefits directly back into the community. We are also investing our skills to create an inclusive digital platform to help rejuvenate social sports and engage with some of the most vulnerable members in the community by enabling timely help, with dignity.

Global Exports, Local Presence 

Feb 2021: We are actively sourcing Australia Beef to fill a 6 month contract for 1,000 Metric Tonnes of packaged Beef cuts for a overseas client. Talk to us today to be part of this new export opportunity.

Regional Digitisation has global reach through our trusted partnerships with global commodity trading firms in USA, Europe, China and Malaysia.

Our latest strategic partnership with an established Global Trading Group enables us to directly manage global sourcing, supply and logistics of quality commodity imports/exports at competitive market prices.

We have been active in international deals across a range of commodities, from frozen meat (Beef, Pork & Chicken) through to Medical PPE, Railway Irons and rare metals.

Talk to us if you want to be part of new export opportunities.

Covid-19 Medical Exports

Using our wide ranging contacts across the globe, we have been actively working to source critical medical gear to combat the spread of Covid-19 around the world.

AUG 2020: We now have Australian made FPP2/P2 masks at wholesale prices, supplying local health departments and opening up exports to the USA.

We also have access to global manufacturers of fully certified (CE and FDA) Covid-19 Test Kits (Antibody and Antigen), KN95 and N95 Masks, BFE98 Surgical Masks and the full range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for many destination around the world.

APR 2020: Another successful airlift to Poland to complete 10M masks and other critical medical gear to help stem the tide of the Covid-19 virus. Independent tests have shown that our Gold-Standard KN95 Masks have achieved +50% better performance results compared to industry-standard masks.

With +100 years of corporate experience in Technology Management, Innovation, IT & Business Transformation, Product Development and Digital Commerce, we are uniquely positioned to work with you to design the right solution to meet your Digital Transformation needs
World-Class Tech

Extensive Global Mergers & Acquisition experience plus years of Executive IT Management and hands- on IT Architectural experience combine to bring some of the world's leading technology solutions to life in regional Australia. Our passion for technology ensures that you will have the optimal solution for your   business and your customers.

Solution Development

We have deep domain expertise in IT Development and Innovation. Many of the team possess direct hands on experience in leading multi-million dollar programs, proven through an extensive track record of leading IT development programs and the successful delivery of some of the largest IT Transformation programs in Australian Corporate history.

Co-Creation & DesignThinking

We employ the latest digital design practices to co-create the right solution for our clients.

We believe in the power of co-creation and work with you to create the right framework for your business to successfully transform digitally.

Business Transformation

Digitisation can be as little as having an eCommerce function to sell more products, right through to a complete Business Transformation program to scale your business for exports.

We have access to a national network of experts in Change Management to ensure your Business Transformation can truly shift gears into the digital age.


Overview of Regional Digitisation and our Regional Marketplace andDigitisation Platform

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FACT SHEET: The Latrobe Valley Authority's official release on the Gippsland RegionalDigitisation Feasibility report

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